About us

Advanced Insurance Services (AIS) is a risk management consulting firm with an array of services to offer. These include services from loss control to claims management, as well as both legal and insurance advising. AIS specializes in protecting the assets of their clients. Since 2002, AIS has developed and implemented risk management and a state certified loss prevention program (Qualified Loss Management Program in MA). AIS provides services for organizations that range from manufacturing, professional employment organizations (PEO’s), towns, to contracting, and employee sizes varying from 50 to 5000. Presently, AIS has over 100 clients throughout the US.

Our Value Proposition for Risk Management Services
Our goal is to achieve long-term relationships focused on bringing value to your risk management and insurance programs. We commit to using our collective talent to support your risk management and insurance goals.
At the start of our relationship, we promise to deliver to you the highest quality risk management programs and strategic planning consultation services in a manner that is most suitable to achieving your business goals.
We promise to identify activities that drive claim frequency and severity, and implement an action plan to contain losses. In addition, we promise to identify training needs and provide onsite assistance to actively address loss sources and promote a safe work environment for your employees.

Purpose of the QLMP Program
This program applies a credit to the premium of an assigned risk insured (Mass Only) who subscribes to a qualified loss management program. The credit is given for a period of up to four (4) policy years, provided the insured remains in the program for a corresponding period of time. A number of loss management firms have demonstrated an ability to significantly reduce workers' compensation losses for their client's companies by implementing loss control and claims management programs. The main purpose of the QLMP program is to lessen the burden of claims and policies assigned to the assigned risk pool.

• Implementing the QLMP will focus on the following areas:
  • • Hiring • Training, Education and HR functions • Safety and Your Safety Program • Possible OSHA Issues • Loss Control • Claims

OUR team

Shawn Campbell
Principal, Risk Manager and Insurance Advisor S1camp2@aol.com
Shannon St. Peter
Risk Management
Ralph Abbott Esq.
Rick Mears
Loss Control

Dr. Michael Palmer
Mary Mancuso
Executive Assistant